*Yes Our Children Will Be Next*

Bunch of Cunts

We all need to stand together and say NO!

"Standing Together" sounds easy and it really should be, it is estimated that our world is, and has been controlled for many years by less than 1% of the population, that means that we (the slaves) are more than "the 99%" given this reasoning it would only take a small percentage of us (say 10%) to take back control of our lives, standing together.
Why have we become accustomed to the way it is? accepting our way of "life" as being "normal" imagine really being free and in charge of our life, why not? we are all born free and not certificated until our parents unwittingly sign us over to the "Government" with a "Birth (berth) Certificate". We are born with inalienable rights to our world but these rights have been stolen from us and "we" are born into this life without being told the truth, this has been the way for generations, it was obviously the same for our parents and also theirs, and on over generations.
One of the many lies we grow up to believe is the "Germ Theory" although the truth is actually not this at all but of course the truth is kept from the masses so that we continue to poison ourselves with pharmaceutical chemicals.