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*LISTEN to this 1967 recording explaining THE ILLUMINAT *Nanotechnology and the "Unicorn Test"
*1% Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

There is a plan by the "Deep State" to reduce the global population by around 7 Billion humans, this will come as a surprise and shock to most "sleeping people" but it has been well publicised by "The World Economic Forum" and included in publications such as Unicorn-19: THE GREAT RESET, AGENDA 21, AGENDA 30, Lockstep and THE ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION as well as being clearly engraved on THE GEORGIA GUIDE STONES in several different languages, these granite monoliths were erected in 1980.
They, the deep state are planning on "vaccinating" most of the population with an Experimental RNA gene therapy cocktail this poison is designed to reduce the population by re-writing human DNA using a technology called CRISPR, the poison has also been designed to sterilise a large percentage of the population if indeed you survive it. Along with the "vaccination program" comes a plan for total control of humanity "you will own nothing and be happy" this is to say that all of your debts will be zeroed but you will not own anything, paying rent for your property from the digital credits afforded to you by the controlling state, these you will earn for complying to the rules. Compliance includes following the multiple "vaccination" program and PCR "testing" dietary and other rules enforced by the ruling class. "The Great Reset Plan" also includes "us" being connected to "the cloud" via AI (Neuralink) utilising 5, 6 and whatever generation of connectivity. Their ultimate aim is to hollow out the human spirit rendering us no more than willing slaves. This plan has been in play for many years but never before have they had the whole world under their spells and if this process plays out as they are intending (controlling our food and trade etc.) we (useless eaters) will be begging to have the "vaccination" and follow any rules put before us!

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