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Circa 1-10% of adverse reactions to the "Covid" injectection:
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Please sit back and listen to these video discussions and then think about what is being said, you will hopefully be full of questions, these people are truthful but to further your knowledge please do your own research as critical thinking is paramount right now. TURN-OFF THE PROPAGANDA TV.

Due to the indoctrination program forced upon us from our time at "school" and then throughout our lives being programmed by the "tel-A-vision" it may be inevitable that many people are going along with the current narrative, most suffering from a form of cognitive dissonance, Mark Twain once said "IT IS EASIER TO FOOL THE PEOPLE THAN TO CONVINCE THEM THAT THEY HAVE BEEN FOOLED" This being said, "The Internet" wasn't around when these words were recited. Now that we are more than one year down the road from the start of this plandemic, you should by now have realised that something is very wrong with what is being done to the people of our planet, the government lies are rediculous. If you chose to remain ignorant to the truth, at this point it must be wilful and ultimately you will be held personally responsible and complicit due to your inactions.

Contagion Myth    Do Not Take Ivermectin

Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution